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Local Ingredients

At Hamersley’s Bistro we attempt to use local ingredients whenever possible. Right now we are buying lettuces, herbs (basil, tarragon, chives, parsley, scallions) beets, leeks, cucumbers, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, squash, eggplants, onions, fennel, swiss chard, radishes and peppers from some of our long-time friends whose produce we showcase in the delicious dishes on our summer menu.

Steve, Joan and Jennifer Verrill grow most of our vegetables during the summer. Verrill Farms is located in Concord.

Pat and Barb Woodbury own Woodbury’s Clams in Wellfleet. They have been growing clams for us for 20 years.

During the summer season, Massachusetts fishermen are allowed to harvest 750,000 pounds of beautiful striped bass from our shores.

Update on the chickens used at Hamersley's

The chickens we are using now are from st. Cuthbert, Quebec, Canada and are called Giaonne. (GEEONY) They are very good birds…, air chilled, fed a high quality feed of wheat and corn. They are fed no animal by-products. They are free range in that they are raised in large pens and are able to "roam". It produces leaner, tastier meat. They are given no drugs like steroids or anti-biotics. I like the flavor and the texture of these birds better than the B&E birds we have used for 20 years. They are slightly smaller and more expensive…basically a straight change economically.

Information about some of our fish

The Halibut that we cook are hook caught in Canada. Tub Trawl is the term. A non-invasive, selective and sustainable method of fishing.

The Lobsters we cook are caught in traditional lobster traps primarily in Canada.

The Faroe Island Salmon is farmed in deep, cold fjords on the Faroe Islands. This salmon is a high-end designer farmed salmon at the top end of the Farmed Fish quality scale. These salmon are raised in areas of tremendous tidal flow, thus eliminating any byproduct issues with the environment. Fish per square foot is well below the regulated numbers allowed both overseas and in Canada and the US.

Maine Shrimp is harvested in traditional ways. We often smoked them.

Our trout is farmed raised in Idaho using modern methods in self contained areas thus creating a low risk to the environment and a sustainable product.

Check back with us as our menu changes for more information regarding where our fish comes from and how it is either caught or raised.


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